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the distractions of home, governor bob mcdonnell couldn't help talking development. >> invested $4 million from virginia. loudoun county invested some. the city of richmond, 2 million, dwight, it was? so all that together is the kind of thing with $9.8 million tax revenue per year, you can see that's a pretty good economic arrangement for the taxpayers of virginia and richmond. >> that's nice, but training camp two weeks away is the real good news. >>> get ready for the washington monument to glow in the dark. we'll have a preview of tonight's lighting ceremony on the national mall. >> pretty quiet here in northwest for the time being. we'll show you radar, tracking a couple of thunderstorms, one near hagerstown and one to the south of us. we'll come back and talk about our yellow alert continuing and track the latest tropical storm. >> the defense calls its witnesses in the george zimmerman murder trial. coming up each one [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- h
the impending arrival of the royal baby. contai >>> we've got some breaking news tonight. governor bob mcdonnell's 21- year-old son was arrested over the weekend. he is charged with public intoxication and public swearing. he was picked up saturday morning in charlottesville. he's a student there at uva. >>> the white house is debating a complete pullout of u.s. troops from afghanistan perhaps as soon as next year. obama administration officials tell cbs news, frustration with afghan's president karzai is contributing to the possible reversal of the plan that had been to keep a small number of american troops over there after 2014. and house speaker john boehner says he's had concerns about u.s. involvement in afghanistan for some time. however, no official decision has been made yet. >>> the countdown is on for the birth of prince william and kate's baby. okay. by some media reports, the fourth in line to the british throne is due in just four days. that would be, oh, saturday. the duchess of cambridge is in london but prince william is on duty with the royal air force about 300 miles aw
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2